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Letters from Santa for good girls and boys Free Santa Claus Nice List Certificates
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Letter From Santa
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Get your child’s
free, personalized
Nice Certificate
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Each amusing letter has Santa’s
latest personalized Nice Rating
for your child. Creating your
letter is simple. Just click the
START button below, enter
your child’s first name, then
click the Get Letter button on
that page. The letter will open
on a page you can print right
from the website in seconds.
It’s simple. Click the START
button below and choose which
free Nice Certificate you’d like.
Then enter your child’s first
name and click Get Certificate
on that page. The certificate
will appear and you can print it
instantly. For certificates, set
your printer to print in the

LANDSCAPE setting.
Heard on the grapevine about The Santa Claus Nice List…

"I think Santa Claus must have a camera hidden in our house or something. Only mom knew I faked my bath by just running the water. I should have wet the soap. Maybe she told Santa. All I know is my Nice rating is almost down the drain unless I do better."

Allison, age 5


"Santa Claus is one hard-nosed guy when it comes to making the Nice List. All I did was forget to pick up my toys a few times and now I'm barely on the Nice List. I guess it didn't help that I fed my vegetables to the dog."

Thomas, age 5


"I was chagrined to learn that Santa Claus really was watching and had noted my failure to say either "Please" or "Thank you" on three separate occasions last Tuesday. I guess he didn't buy my explanation that I was major-league distracted by trying to decide which chores to help with around the house. At least Santa kept me on the Nice List pending further observation."

Sam, age 7








"Santa Claus says I need to be nicer to my little brother or I won't stay on the Nice List, but I bet Santa never had a little brother like mine. He always says "Please" and "Thank you" and he always eats his vegetables. YUK!"

Katy, age 6


"Every fiber of my being tells me Santa Claus isn't real, but then he knows all this stuff about me... like how last Thursday I left my toys on the steps right where Grampy could trip on them, and how I skipped brushing my teeth last week... twice! On the one hand it kind of creeps me out, but on the other hand it's an efficacious method to help me improve my behavior."

Zachary, age 3



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